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Pandemic Wishes: What’s the One Thing You Wish You Could Be Doing Right Now?

Pandemic got you down? Us too. It’s not the same not being able to be close to friends and get together like we used to. This week, I asked everyone in the office what was the one thing they missed doing the most during this time. Here’s what our office had to say.


“I really miss being able to go with my group of friends to get margaritas! I don’t go to restaurants or downtown very often, but I do miss my margaritas with the squad. I’d say that’s pretty easily the biggest thing I miss for sure!”

-Austin Hoyt, Media Buyer & Campaign Analyst


“I miss going over to my parents’ house for Scrabble nights with my mom. My husband and I have been doing jigsaw puzzles to fill the Scrabble void, but I miss spending time in-person with my mom.” 

-Shannon Kelly, Web Developer


“I wish I could go back home to the Ozarks and hike around.”

-Neil Williams, Web Designer


Ozarks, hiking

Neil Williams hails from the Ozarks in Arkansas.


“I miss being able to feel comfortable flying home to see my family in Michigan and New York. I haven’t seen all of them in a few months and am really looking forward to the time when I can!” 

-Kattie Ness, Sales Development Representative


“I miss playing soccer.”

-Johnny Parry, Digital Marketing Lead


Johnny Parry, soccer, football

Johnny Parry playing soccer, or as he would call it, football.


“I really love to give family and friends big warm hugs. It truly provides the emotional support I need to get through the day. Now I have to rely on verbal affirmations, and that’s great and all, but it’s not as rewarding as a hug.”

-Jake Call, Art Director


“Anyone who knows me knows my daughter is my everything. I love my time with her, especially my summers. The pandemic cost me my summer this year, and it has been extremely tough. I’m ready to be able to see my daughter again and have the opportunities I’m missing out on.”

-Jason Harmon, Senior Coordinator/Content Director


“There are a number of things I would like to do, but have put on hold due to the pandemic. However, the one thing not available at the moment is participating in a big in-person race event. Many of the biggest races have gone virtual. The St. Jude Marathon, the largest race event in Memphis, just officially went virtual on Tuesday. A big race is nowhere in sight, because an event that could draw thousands is not a good idea at the moment. Some get around this by arranging smaller events or other tricks to keep the gathering down, but this cannot compare to the race day atmosphere of the big events.”

-David Calhoun, Email Marketing Manager


“A few of my friends have had babies during the pandemic. I haven’t been able to hold their sweet little babies yet, which is wild to me. Pre-pandemic, I would have been at the hospital and everything! One friend is moving back to Memphis and I can finally meet her daughter, Dottie! I am very excited!”

-Courtney Billions, Content Developer


“Before Covid, my husband and I went to dinner and a movie once a week for “date night”. Ordering in and watching something at home just isn’t the same!”

-Allison Droke Erickson, CRM Digital Marketing Manager


Allison's husband, date night

Allison’s husband peruses the menu at the Arcade on one of their date nights.


“My favorite thing to do, especially when I’m having a bad day, is to go see a movie by myself. I especially like the Ridgeway Four movie theater, where I can relax with a drink and snack and enjoy a good indie movie. I haven’t been able to do this in a while!”

-Joan Biddle, Lead Content Developer



Joan Biddle is Lead Content Developer at Crisp Results in Memphis, TN.

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