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Living Life Online: What’s in Store for Our Future?

A survey conducted by A Different View in association with Panelbase asked over 1,000 people in early June about their online experiences to understand Americans’ mindset on the direction of our online-based experiences.
64 percent of people say they will continue to watch or participate in online experiences even after the reopening of attractions.
48 percent say that they will continue to watch or participate in at least one of the listed online activities in preference to going out after lockdowns are lifted.
21 percent said they paid to watch or participate in online experiences during the lockdown.
Our thoughts on the matter
We asked the Crisp Results Office how they felt about their online experiences during the pandemic and whether or not they see things continuing in the same direction post-pandemic. Here is what a few of them said!
“I have really enjoyed using Zoom for online Pilates classes through Ballet Memphis. I can get my favorite workout in without having to leave the house and find childcare. Although Zoom can sometimes be glitchy on my Internet, it has been really helpful in being able to meet with groups I am involved in and in connecting with old friends too. I hope that after the pandemic there will still be plenty of opportunities to meet with people from around the country and the world for readings, meditations, classes, and other events.“ - Joan Biddle

“I am an old-fashioned gal who always opts for the in-person choice instead of digital. So, having to make such a swift transition to living primarily online has definitely been a huge challenge. But, I am trying to embrace the novelty of this digital, Jetsons-style life for now, and I am doing my best to support my favorite brick-and-mortar places to ensure they will still be there when physical life (hopefully, haha) resumes again.” - Allison Erickson
“Honestly, it has been interesting indeed. I have held several virtual meetings over Zoom, and as expected, there will always be some who forgets to mute his or her phone and walk away. So you have to unfortunately pause the important meeting, just to keep shouting, “Please mute ya phone! Please mute ya phone!! Hello, mute your phone!!!”

With hope alive, I deeply look forward to things getting back to normal... #saynotocovid19.” - Nelvin Nsude

“I've maintained a large circle of online friends for over a decade now, and I'm very used to video chatting with my family since I moved away from home in 2015. For me personally, a real-world, face-to-face, collaborative work environment will always be the ideal, but I have absolutely no problem maintaining the same level of productivity and communication in a fully remote space. 

I'm under the impression that most businesses and individuals will grow weary of adhering to additional safety regulations, either out of legal obligation or for the sake of optics, and will eventually just return to business as usual regardless of the state of the pandemic. While industry leaders begin to adopt more permanently remote options for their businesses, and while I think the future will see most desk jobs become fully remote, I think it's going to be a take a long time and a couple more public health crises before such policies see widespread implementation.” - Neil Williams

“Online experiences are definitely here to stay. It's been amusing to watch how industries, such as business, food, and retail, have responded to digital demand driven by the pandemic. Clearly some have flourished, and others have realized there's room for improvement, which is actually a good thing. Digital preparedness, flexibility, and user experience will become more valuable post-pandemic. 

Personally, I think I'm an ambivert, so while I relish my alone time I also enjoy interacting with other people. I miss hugging my mom and dad, dinner and a movie with my best friend, and just getting out of the house. So, in order to fill the void I have DoorDashed a fair amount, FaceTimed my friends and family, and have found more purpose in my digital career. Overall, my online experiences have been good, and it makes me happy when I can seamlessly order lunch, design a website, and re-watch The Office for the fiftieth time.” - Jake Call

“I have loved the time I've saved by using Kroger and Target curbside pickup services, though I do miss perusing clearance items. Other than not going out to restaurants and not spending quality in-person time with my mother, I've enjoyed my recent lifestyle changes. As an introvert and homebody, staying home more with my husband and pets has not been the least bit challenging.” - Shannon Kelly


Courtney Billions is a Content Developer at Crisp Results. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time reading mystery novels and watching the BBC channel. You can find Courtney on her porch swing with her nose in a book or at the theatre.

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