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Our Morning Rituals: Tricks to Start Your Day Off Right

When it comes to being successful and productive throughout your day, what are the habits you can espouse that will make your day more focused and smooth?

Many successful people wake up very early to read, exercise, and get ready for their day. Is this better than just rolling out of bed? Experts say so. Here are some of the things you can do to start your day off right!

Morning habits that work

  1. Take some time to do nothing. Reading or answering emails first thing in the morning can start the day on a stressful note. Instead of grabbing for your phone, take a moment to breathe, sit, stretch, drink water, or meditate. 

  2. Prepare the night before by writing down your goals for the day. Set intentions for what you want to accomplish and how you want to help others.

  3. Write down what you’re grateful for. Even jotting down one thing each day can help you to be more thankful and less stressed from day to day.

  4. Live in the present. Worrying about what the day will bring will not help you. Instead, breathe and be present in the moment, doing the best that you can with what’s in front of you. 

  5. Do the hardest thing on your list first. Tackling your hardest task first lets you complete it without distractions and not leave it hanging over your head. Chances are, what you thought was going to be difficult is an easier and quicker task than you expected. 

  6. Set your internal clock. Rumor has it that Oprah Winfrey does not set an alarm clock, but rather names the time in her head that she wants to wake up, and she does it! Get to bed early and try setting your “internal clock” to wake up fresh. (Maybe set an alarm clock too just in case.) 

  7. Create a personal mantra. Inspirational leaders such as Louise Hay tout the benefits of repeating your own personal mantra to motivate yourself. Examples are, “I love myself,” “I am prosperous,” and “I am strong.” It might seem cheesy at first, but give it a try. 

  8. Unclutter your space and your life. Getting rid of things can make way for fresh ideas. Clearing out clutter will also help you be more organized and able to tackle your day productively.   

  9. Make time for something you enjoy. If you’re always in a rush, you’ll burn out. Take a moment to do something you love, such as write, sketch, garden, or take a bike ride. 

  10. Connect with your partner, child, or pet before the day gets crazy. Having that moment of peace will strengthen your relationship and fortify you for your day. 

What we DO

Here’s what some of our Crisp Results team does to set the right tone for their day. 


“I say to myself ‘today will be a good day’ to manifest how I want the day to go.” – Kattie Ness, Sales Development Representative 


“I’m not a morning person, but I find that drinking plenty of water and spending a little bit of quality time with my dog helps prepare me for the day.” – Shannon Kelly, Web Developer


“Whenever I can, I do a short meditation on the Insight Timer app to clear my head before the day begins.” – Joan Biddle, Lead Content Developer

crisp results, morning habits, successful people


“I am a big advocate for mental health awareness. For me, managing my mental health is key for me to being productive and successful in both my professional and personal lives. There are simple things I have started doing post college all-nighters such as creating a solid routine, especially maintaining a proper sleep schedule. Setting goals, as simple as a daily to-do list, keeps me in check throughout the day to make sure I remain on task and time manage! Also, checking things off of a list is a treat in itself and makes you feel accomplished even when you’re not on your A game that day.” – Courtney Billions, Content Developer


“I wake up with plenty of time to get ready and eat a small breakfast. Coffee and caffeine are not my thing, so I do some light physical activity to get fully awake. Usually that involves stretching exercises and often some quick weight lifting. Not strenuous, but just enough to get the blood flowing. Nothing special to this routine, but these things have been fairly common in my weekday mornings for many years.” – David Calhoun, Email Marketing Manager/Analytics


“I like to begin each morning by recapping the previous day’s completed tasks and reviewing upcoming assignments. After I have a fresh perspective of responsibilities, I like to check my email inbox for any missed messages, and if I’m up-to-speed, I’ll then survey my task management app, Asana, and double check my priority list. If there’s an important deadline or even a small detail I need to remember, I always set a reminder in my business communication app, Slack. Establishing a paper-trail, whether by sticky-notes or digital notifications, helps keep me accountable. When all the dots connect, I find it productive to take at least a five minute break and chit-chat with coworkers. Having a casual conversation about work and non-work related activities makes me feel more confident in my skills to complete daily business.” – Jake Call, Art Director


“I’m the one who gets up early and drives a half hour to make sure the doors are all open by 7:30 am every morning. That doesn’t make me a morning person. Ha. It just makes me make sure I prepare everything I need to do the night before. I prepare my clothes for the next morning and hit the shower the night before. When my alarm goes off, it’s simply brush teeth, fix my hair, slap on my clothes, and hit the road. I’m pretty simple. The drive and radio prepare me for being fully alert and ready when I hit the work doors.” – Jason Harmon, Senior Coordinator, Content Director


“I’m striving to wear the same clothes every day like Steve Jobs. I have five of the same shirts for the week and alternate two pairs of pants.” – Johnny Parry, Digital Marketing Lead 

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(Getty Images; Steve Jobs – not Johnny Parry)


Joan Biddle is Lead Content Developer at Crisp Results in Memphis, TN.

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