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Our Crispy Lil’ Office Garden

Here at Crisp Results, we take pride in the cultivation of our work environment. Culture is very important to us and we spend time making sure we are tending to our office garden– theoretically, of course. We should totally have a real office garden! 

We took the time to take personality quizzes to understand ourselves a bit better and just for fun. Who doesn’t want to know what plant they would be?! Like a garden that needs looking after and intentionality to the different types of plants that grow within it, as does our office.

Our diverse and talented team brings so many different things to the table. Here is what our office garden looks like. 

Meet our growing family… personified as plants!

Neil is super chill, cool as… mint! Being incredibly collected and observative, Neil forms his beliefs and opinions over time after researching and silently gathering intel. You can ask him his opinion on just about anything and he will tell you what he thinks without reservation, but in a calm and sophisticated way. Neil Williams is a breath of fresh air, just like mint– and who doesn’t enjoy a breath mint after lunch?

Like the classic rose, Nelvin is warm and traditional. Rocking his turtlenecks in the office, Nelvin is our timeless and practical beauty. He is always smiling and asking how your weekend was. Even if your headphones are on, he will ask you how your day has been! He loves to talk with people on the phone as well.

Like an air plant, Shannon is good on her own. She does not need much tending to and thrives in the air. Her introverted nature is equaled by her self-sufficiency. In the office, that means she quietly gets her work done with focus and diligence. 

Like a beautiful sunflower, Joan is always pointing to the light or the positives of any situation in the office. The sunflower moves itself in the most direct position in front of the sun so it can get the maximum sun rays. This is symbolic of spiritual faith and worship because we follow our belief system as the sunflower moves to face the life-giving rays of the sun.

Similar to a robust oak tree, Johnny is tall in stature and loud in the office. His courageous and strong personality keeps things interesting in the day to day office routine. He is relentless and a person of action, which is why he is our “get things done” guy. Everyone needs a leader like Johnny on your team.

Kattie is always uplifting others in the office. Like a gorgeous lily, she keeps her head held high, while helping others do the same. She is playful, but gets her work done like a boss. Like lilies that come in a variety of shades and colors, you never have to worry about not knowing what Kattie is feeling.

Much like chamomile, David is a gentle and sweet-natured soul. In the office he brings a calming presence that helps balance our otherwise rowdy bunch. He is a pretty chill dude! David has his very own line of calming teas and candles with scents based on his own personality!

Aleks is an adaptable and strong beauty. Like ivy, she manages to grow in the toughest environments and in the intensity of her job. Ivy, being an evergreen plant, represents eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment. As a Web Developer, Aleks is certainly a strong and essential component of our Crisp team!

Allison identified as the iconic poppy! She is calm, insightful, and creative. Her introverted nature means she grows well in the wild… of our office! She is always wearing bright and fashionable clothes, basically she is a model working the runways of our office. Everyone wants an Allison to brighten up their days, or bouquets.

Austin is a kind and playful guy. His Palm Tree personality is evident in the amount of Hawaiian shirts he wears to the office, but he also has a deep love for people and the exciting opportunities life offers. Much like Darryl in The Office, Austin is a cool cat and keeps it real. Kelly might say that he is the most complicated man she has ever met.

Courtney is a passionate lady. Like the passionflower, she is deeply concerned about others and very sensitive to her environment. She is passionate about all things justice and is a bit of an idealist. Maybe too passionate when playing ping pong in the office… but she makes sure others are heard and pushes big ideas into fruition.

Known as “the sensitive plant”, the Mimosa Pudica, is our Art Director, Jake! He might come across as a shy guy, but once you get to know him, his thoughtfulness and randomness–I mean RANDOM thoughts–make your day! Just like the plant, all Jake needs is his corner desk next to the window, and tunes to jam to, and he is happy. At the end of the day, Jake is not a conflict guy… What he values most in our office is making others happy. *aww*

Cacti are assumed to be prickly and mean, but that is quite the contrary! Jason, like a cactus, is adaptable and independent, relying on his environment and group of friends to thrive no matter where they’re planted. An extroverted go-getter, Jason is our “go-to” guy! He is dependable and loyal. We have big love for our low-maintenance content director!


Courtney Billions is a Content Developer at Crisp Results. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time reading mystery novels and watching the BBC channel. You can find Courtney on her porch swing with her nose in a book or at the theatre.

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