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What’s Your Definition of Success? 10 Questions for You & Your Team

According to a recent Fast Company article by J. Douglas Holladay, “Those who see money and prestige as the primary measures of success are rarely happy and content.”

Success without true meaning can leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled. What really makes you tick and adds meaning to life for you?  It’s important to try to find your own values, and not simply follow those of your family, friends, or culture. 

How do you discover your definition of success, the definition that works best for your personal happiness and growth? Here are some key questions to get you started. Use these on your own or with your team to define your next steps toward personal success.  


10 Questions to Define Your Meaning of Success

  1. What would your friends or family say is most important to you?

  2. What makes you hopeful?

  3. How would you like to be remembered?

  4. What was a time when you were really happy?

  5. What would you shout from the mountaintop?

  6. What’s keeping you from developing your full potential?

  7. Whose life do you admire for its purpose?

  8. What’s keeping you from being a better friend, coworker, or partner?

  9. What would your ideal day involve?

  10. How can you get “unstuck” from an unhealthy situation or bad habit in your life? 


Sit with these questions and write down your thoughts. You can even write yourself a letter. Over time, becoming aware of your definition of success will help you get closer to moving through obstacles and achieving your best life.



Joan Biddle is Lead Content Developer at Crisp Results in Memphis, TN.

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