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Content Writing Tips: Create and Curate Quality Content Seamlessly

So you need quality content that will draw people to your website and blog. It isn’t easy, but the process shouldn’t keep you up at night. Here are some tried and true content writing tips that will make your blog attractive to plenty of readers. 

Getting started 

Take the time to write good content or find experienced writers who can write excellent blog posts. Spend time researching and reflecting on what you want to say. If it’s rushed or very obviously optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the reader will be able to tell and it will feel impersonal. Take your time and make sure that the content is thought out and has a fresh perspective. 

As you are writing, keep the tone friendly and conversational to bring in more readers and keep them reading. Don’t dance around your point, but stay on topic and get straight to what you are saying. Make sure the headline you choose is strong and eye-catching. 

Understand your audience and write what will interest them, surprise them, and teach them something new. Keep a running list of ideas so you are not stumped when the time to write arrives. Read other blogs to get inspired by creative trends and thought processes. Read newspapers and magazines for content ideas. Blogs such as the Paris Review, Thought Catalog, Medium, and The Conversation are good sources for a wide variety of voices and creative inspiration. For SEO and digital marketing research, Search Engine Journal, Copyblogger, and NeilPatel.com are good places to start.

Plan ahead 

Create a strategy and an editorial calendar so that you’re not flying by the seat of your pants each day. Thoughtfully consider what your customers and readers need, and create a plan. 

One way to generate good content is to interview your customer and see what they have to say. What do they like about you? What are their needs and questions? What do they want to see more of on your site? 

Do these things regularly

Create an FAQ page on your website to answer questions for your customers. Make sure you are thorough and honest with your answers. Keep this list updated frequently.

Take blog posts that have performed well and update them with new information. This not only makes the content better but also drives more traffic to your website. Keep the URL the same in order to keep traffic going to that page. Indicate at the top of the article that it was updated on X date.  

According to Victoria Edwards of GuideWell Connect, updating top posts “will provide insight that this content is not only valuable but that you, as an author or publisher, take content on your site seriously and strive to make sure it stays current.”

Download the Grammarly Chrome extension. Grammarly is an AI-powered application that finds errors in your writing, suggests alternatives, and even detects your tone. Grammarly can help smooth your writing and clarify your message. You can even set goals based on tone, audience, intent, and domain. 

Search engine optimization

Use keyword research tools such as Moz, Ahrefs, Google Trends, and Google Autocomplete to generate topic ideas. If you’re using WordPress, a great plugin to use is Yoast SEO, which will track how you are doing with your SEO in each post, and also tell you how your writing reads. Yoast SEO offers other features for posting on social media as well.

Remember to add visuals such as images, infographics, and videos within your post to make it more interesting and interactive. Adding images will also break up the text so longer posts don’t seem so intimidating. Use iStockAdobe Stock, Shutterstock, or Wikimedia Commons to find the right images for your topic and goals.  

To outline or not to outline?

Find the writing process that works best for you. Some people like to work with an outline, while others jump right in. Practice will make perfect, so keep trying and find the best process for you. 

It’s best not to complete a post all in one sitting, but sleep on it for at least a night if you can. Often you’ll find that with fresh eyes the next day, you’ll generate more ideas and make new connections, and catch errors that you didn’t on the first pass. 

While there may seem like a lot of factors to consider when putting your blog together, once you have your process running, you will have more visitors to your site in no time. Good luck, and keep writing! 


Joan Biddle is Lead Content Developer at Crisp Results in Memphis, TN.

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