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Crisp Thanksgiving: What Are We Thankful For?

With Thanksgiving approaching, we thought we’d ask people in the office what they are thankful for. While this can be a hard question to answer right now, perhaps these times have sharpened our vision. The need to keep it simple has let us spend more time with family and friends and allowed us to see with more clarity the good things in our lives.

Here is what some of our colleagues had to say.


“I am going to sound cheesy for a minute, but I am very thankful for friends this year. I moved in with my best friend a month ago, and considering the strange times that we are living in, it has been so good for my soul to be surrounded by my small inner circle. Finding joy in the uncertain these days can be tricky, but I am certain that I have solid friends that love me very well, in a social distancing type of way! Saying that, throwing all of my creativity into decorating our new house has been rewarding and just fun! Creative outlets are a must for me, and lucky for me that I live in one!”

-Courtney Billions


“Even though things have been so bad for so many, my family has been lucky to maintain our health and well being, and I am INCREDIBLY thankful for that. Our daughter is turning one over the holiday break. While it’s been absolutely challenging to navigate our new roles as parents during this crisis, isolation has granted us the wildly unique opportunity to spend so much one-on-one time with her.”

-Allison Droke Erickson


“I’m thankful for Reesie this Thanksgiving! I found her a few years ago clung to a tree. A dog was chasing her, and we came to the rescue! She’s grown into an awesome little kitty. She follows me around the house no matter where I go which makes my girlfriend very jealous/mad. If she’s not clawing my legs to get me to play fetch, she’s cuddling up into my neck. I love the little critter regardless of her questionable ‘stache.”

-Austin Hoyt

Reesie, Austin's cat

Austin’s cat, Reesie.


“I’m thankful for many things, but most importantly I am thankful that my daughter has moved back to the United States from a four-year stint in Japan. Being the age of 12 now, it’s been incredibly difficult not getting to see her but once a year. The holidays are upon us now, and her being here with me and being able to see her more just makes life better.”

-Jason Harmon


“I’m thankful for the humor and creativity that people have been able to share even during these times. I am glad for more time spent with family and a less hectic lifestyle. Also, on top of my list of things to be thankful for are health, work, Zoom, and walks in nature.”

-Joan Biddle


“I’m thankful for my family and friends; we really showed up for each other this year. Essential workers have always been heroes, but they rose to a whole new level in 2020 and the world is truly grateful. Health insurance is vital during these uncertain times, so I’m super relieved to have it. Also, I’m thankful for pleasant dreams – this year more than ever I got to see and talk to departed loved ones all from the comfort of my bed. Finally, I’m thankful for table tennis, because the game serves as an enjoyable, albeit infuriating, distraction.”

-Jake Call


“I am thankful for my niece, Millie. She brings so much joy and happiness to my whole family. There’s nothing better than doing a family FaceTime with Millie showing off her newest dance moves or words she has learned to say. She makes us all laugh together.”

-Kattie Ness

Kattie's niece Millie

Kattie’s niece, Millie.


Joan Biddle is Lead Content Developer at Crisp Results in Memphis, TN.

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