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Life At Crisp

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Our Morning Rituals: Tricks to Start Your Day Off Right

When it comes to being successful and productive throughout your day, what are the habits you can espouse that will make your day more focused and smooth? Many […]

Living Life Online: What’s in Store for Our Future?

A survey conducted by A Different View in association with Panelbase asked over 1,000 people in early June about their online experiences to understand Americans’ mindset on the […]

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Pandemic Wishes: What’s the One Thing You Wish You Could Be Doing Right Now?

Pandemic got you down? Us too. It’s not the same not being able to be close to friends and get together like we used to. This week, I […]

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Web Design & Inspiration: Interview with Art Director Jake Call

This week, we asked Art Director Jake Call some questions to find out a little more about where he gets his inspiration for web design. What is UX/UI […]

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Our Unexpected Joys During Quarantine

As our office is attempting to manage some sort of normality, we wanted to reflect on what we have been enjoying doing outside of the office. Most of […]

Happy National Pink Day

The color pink has a long history, so each year we celebrate pink on June 23 with National Pink Day. Pink was first used in the 17th century […]

International Picnic Day at Crisp Results

International Picnic Day is observed every year on June 18. While no one is sure about the origin of the holiday, the word ‘picnic’ comes from the French […]

Anniversay and Birthday Celebrations: Jacob Call

Join us in wishing a happy birthday and a happy anniversary to Jacob Call! Jake has been with Crisp Results for six years now, which makes him the […]

National Doughnut Day in the Crisp Result Office 2020

Have you ever found yourself craving a donut? It is hard to imagine life without donuts. They make a great snack for any time of the day and […]